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Explore how DroneWorks have provided commercial drone solutions, the benefits achieved and how we went about it.

Advanced Traffic Analysis

Advanced Traffic Ana...

One drone is enough to cover the whole intersection or even a whole transport corridor.
With this type of view, you can get extremely accurate traffic data such as vehicle classes, origin / destination matrix but also in telemetric data (speed, acceleration, object size).

Earthworks & Stockpiles

Earthworks & Stockpi...

Using drones to provide accurate, detailed earthworks data to construction site surveyors and engineers

Drones can be used to quickly collect accurate data but this can add a complexity to the surveying process.
Creating a topographic survey with a drone is a completely different process compared to a terrestrial survey with the boots on the ground.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection...

Drones are able to give a thorough view of a roof and establish which parts will not need further inspection.
This has ensured that roof inspections can be safer, faster and more efficient.
DroneWorks were commissioned by Corpus Christi High School to complete a photographic Roof Survey to assess the condition of the roof and identify defects and leaks.
The school building in question, was a large, 2 story flat roofed structure, difficult to access quickly and safely.

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