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Improve Safety
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It is easier and cheaper to arrange a drone flight
than to book in all the variables required for a manned inspection

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Quickly and safely collecting accurate data and imagery using drone technology

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Drones do not just provide a general view from above, but provide an interactive solution, allowing us to better communicate project progress, document assets and enhance safety on the jobsite.

In essence drones collect accurate data and imagery and are particularly useful for performing tasks that would pose safety risks to humans.

Construction Progress

Provide consistent, regular and timely updates of your sites development progress.
Show progress over time and also to check that build is to specification. CAD drawings can be overlaid and measurements can be taken from imagery if required.


  • Site planning & monitoring
  • Construction progress
  • Streamline job site documentation
  • Prevent costly re work by regular inspection
  • Integrate into CAD / BIM software

SIte Survey & Volumetrics

The practice of using drones for land surveys & mapping can compliment traditional methods of surveying.

Capture site data to sub centimetre accuracy, quicker than traditional methods with more detailed outputs.


  • Topographical & Mapping Surveys
  • Visualisations & Modelling for Planning
  • Generate contours & surfaces
  • Time saving & cost effective
  • Multiple data rich outputs

Solar / Thermal Inspection

Using infra red equipped drones, aerial thermographic inspections of buildings and other assets including ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar (PV) modules and arrays are possible.
Aerial thermographic inspection of buildings and plant can help to identify areas of poor or failing insulation, cold bridges in construction as well as air leakage.


  • PV Panel Inspection
  • Heat loss inspection
  • Commercial & residential
  • Search & Rescue

Roof Inspection

Drones are safer and more accurate than manual roof measurement and inspection. We can deliver a far richer set of data to streamline your workflow.
Safe & quick coverage of your asset, reduce your risk exposure in a “working at height” situation


  • Reduced risk
  • Time saving
  • Visual checks
  • Identify defects
  • Inspection reports

Aerial Film / Photography

Get the shot you need to promote your business or project.

By providing you with clear aerial footage and photography, you’ll have the perfect material to make sure your business or project gets noticed.


  • Still photos & cinematic footage
  • Upto 4K resolution video
  • PR & Marketing
  • Project progress
  • Cost effective

Asset Inspection

Get a view of your buildings and critical assets that is not possible without risky and costly scaffolding, cherry pickers or rope access.
Reduce risk and perform inspections with minimal disruption to your normal business and asset operations.


  • Buildings & structure
  • Turbines
  • Masts
  • Live feed for on site engineer
  • Before / after comparisons

Traffic Surveys

One drone is enough to cover the whole intersection or even a whole transport corridor.
With this type of view, you can get extremely accurate traffic data such as counting of object in classes, origin / destination matrix but also in telemetric data (speed, acceleration, object size).


  • One drone to cover a whole junction / island
  • Safe
  • Highly accurate traffic data, single data set
  • Detailed metrics (vehicle classes, origin / destination matrix, speed, acceleration, object size)
  • Consistent, repeatable and efficient

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