Solar / Thermography


Solar / Thermography

Using infra red equipped drones, aerial thermographic inspections of buildings and other assets including ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar (PV) modules and arrays are possible.

Aerial thermographic inspection of buildings and plant can help to identify areas of poor or failing insulation, cold bridges in construction as well as air leakage.

Use of aerial infrared imaging can also help to identify routes of sub-surface infrastructure and identify leaks in underground pipework including district heating schemes and agricultural irrigation systems.
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Complete your solar panel inspection faster and with less risk when they are installed at height. From regular inspections to details analysis in partnership with your team we can help.

Solar farms are typically very large installations and a drone equipped with an appropriate thermal camera will be able to scan the site for defects much faster than using a thermal camera on the ground.

  • Inspect solar panels
  • Commercial & residential
  • Heatloss survey
  • Cost effective
  • Time saving
  • Reduced risk

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There are many regular inspection tasks to be undertaken on a typical industrial site. Drone platforms can provide access to areas that are too difficult or too risky to send your team into. These services can reduce your risk in a “working at height” situation, with various outputs provided.

  • IR Inspections
  • Search and rescue
  • Agriculture
  • Thermal maps
  • Heatloss reports

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