Aerial Film / Photography


Aerial Film / Photography

Get the shot you need to promote your business or project.
By providing you with clear aerial footage and photography, you’ll have the perfect material to make sure your business or project gets noticed.

For example, property developers can now show buyers what the view from their new penthouse will look like, while surveyors and inspectors can get an unmatched view into developments at their sites.

Marketers can show clients the latest progress on their projects with a bird’s eye view, giving a perspective otherwise not achievable.
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Drone photography is able to capture images from a new perspective. The advantage of the drone is that it can operate in difficult to reach locations, upto to a maximum height of 400ft. We could capture your entire location in a single image giving a level of scale and perspective that is normally difficult to capture.

Create a whole new perspective for your clients with breathtaking aerial footage and photography, capturing a property and surrounding area. We can provide stunning 4K footage and high resolution photography; perfect material for marketing and promotional use in print and online.

  • Site photos
  • Project progress
  • PR & Marketing
  • Construction / development
  • Promotional material
  • Cost effective
  • Time saving
  • Still photos & cinematic footage

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The flexibility of the done can provide great results, however there are strict guidelines about where and more importantly where it may not be flown. We have received a licence to operate from the CAA, any flights carried out are in accordance with the current CAA rules and guidelines and industry best practice.

See our YouTube channel for more videos of our work.

Always used an insured, CAA approved operator.

  • High resolution photography
  • Upto 4K resolution video
  • JPG / PNG / RAW + other formats
  • Promotional videos available
  • Colour grading
  • Time lapse
  • Panoramic
  • 360° interactive images

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